New to QuickBooks®

Managing your business’s financial performance has never been easier! If you are new to QuickBooks®, Fiscal Training Solutions provides an introductory program designed just for you. Our easy-to-follow program will allow you to:

Save time on everyday tasks. We teach you how to make those repetitive tasks a thing of the past. You enter customer, vendor and employee information just once, and QuickBooks does the rest, pre-filling common forms like invoices, checks, and payroll.

See the big picture at a glance. No more hunting through piles of files to find that important paper. Now you can organize all your important small business information in one place, giving you easy access to a complete picture of your business.

Get it right the first time, every time. Gone are the days you worried about your arithmetic or the formulas on your spreadsheet. QuickBooks automates all of that for you, so your data is always accurate and planning financial goals is easier.

Register for a live web seminar – with a Certified QuickBooks instructor – designed especially for people who want to learn about this great program.
In just one session, you will:
• Create a company file for your business.
• Create a bank account for your business.
• Learn how to write checks from QuickBooks.

This introductory program is designed for people who are new to QuickBooks, small business owners who have bought QuickBooks – anyone who knows there has to be an easier way to track and manage their business’s financial performance.

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